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World of My Bias Part 2

MY BIAS Part 2
              1. Teen Top

                          Chunji, born in Gwangju, October  05, 1993. He is handsome and i think cute, he has really natural asian looking.


       Changjo, born in Chuncheon, November  16, 1995. He is handsome and has beautiful voice.


            2. Infinite

      L, born in Seoul, March 13, 1992. I love L because his handsome face and sharp eyes that look so beautiful and don’t forget the dimples.


          3. C-Clown

                      T.K, born in South Korea, December  20, 1995. His deep voice is really nice to hear, also a handsome is  a plus value to him.
Ray, born in South Korea, April 19, 1994. He is cute, handsome and charming.
            4. NUEST

Aron, Born in Los Angeles, USA, May  21, 1993. He is handsome !!!!

Minhyun, born in Busan, August 09, 1995. Cute, handsome and charming at the same time.

         5. BtoB

       Minhyuk, born in Seoul, November  29, 1990. Minhyuk is handsome and cute. He has deep voice and he is a great rapper.


       Peniel, born in Chichago, March 10, 1993. He is cute!!!!

          6. Highlight

       Dongwoon, born in Seoul, June 06, 1991. His voice is sweet. He is handsome and cute too.
7. Block B

    Jaehyo, born in Busan, December 23, 1990. Jaehyo is handsome and has good looking face.

           8. CNBLUE

   Yonghwa, born in Seoul, June 22, 1989. Yonghwa has nice smile and handsome face.

    Minhyuk, born in Ilsan, June  28, 1991. Minhyuk is cute for me. But sometimes he look so handsome too.

 Jonghyun, born in Busan, May 15, 1990. Jonghyun has sweet and romantic voice. He is handsome too. 

           9. F.T.ISLAND

       Hongki, born in Seoul, March 02, 1990. Hongki is a funny, cute and handsome. Many people says that he look like Mir of MBLAQ.

          10. B1A4

     Sandeul, born in Busan, March 20, 1992. Sandeul has a beautiful voice, he is cute and many people says that he look like Sungmin of Super Junior. I love his smile too.

     Jinyoung, born in Chungju, November 18, 1991. Jinyoung is really multitalented. I love his voice and handsome face.
       11. NCT 
      Jaehyun, born in Seoul, February 14, 1997. Jaehyun has a dimples that I love, his smile and handsome face. But to me Jaehyun look cute too!!!


     Johnny, born in Chichago, USA, February 09, 1995. His too handsome and his deep voice is really great.

                  Renjun, born in Jilin, China, March 23, 2000. His teeth is cute. He is handsome and cute at the same time. A dimples too.

                   Jeno, born in Seoul, April 23, 2000. Jeno is the twins of Donghae Super Junior many people said it. Jeno is handsome !!!!


                  Yuta, born in Osaka, Japan, October 26, 1995. Yuta is just handsome!!!


                Taeil, born in Seoul, June 14, 1994. Believe me Taeil is really funny and innocent. He is too cute and handsome.


         12. Monsta X

      I.M., born in Gwangju, January 26, 1996. He is handsome and cute. I love the way he rapping.

 Hyungwon, born in Gwangju, January 15, 1994. He is cute and handsome.

    13.   IKON
            B.I, born in Goyang, October 22, 1996. B.I is handsome but cute. Hehehehe

           Junhoe, born in South Korea, March 31 1997. The same liners with me. He is handsome and i love his voice so much.


             From all of my bias, you can see that I love just around maknae, vocalist, leader and rapper and dancer. But mostly I love vocalist. I don’t know why, maybe because voice is the first interest when we heard  a song that way almost all of my bias is a vocalist.



                Hanbok is a Korean traditional clothing. Hanbok usually use when formal or semi-formal in celebration or traditional festival. Hanbok is currently use by Korean people when Joseon dynasty. Thats way Hanbok is called ‘ Joseon dynasty style’.

                Hanbok has 3 elements, first jeogari or cloth, second is baji or pants, third is chima or skirt. There also a children hanbok that separated into 2 or 3 part and can easily wear. Children hanbok usually wear once or twice a yea for Chuseok celebration or Imlek (Seollal) or when first brithday party (doljanchi).

                Hanbok has many kind that use accordance with caste or ongoing events.

             First, Hwal Ot, this is a complete Hanbok that wear by a crown princess or a princess of the cocubine, formal clothing for nobility and bride clothing in Joseon and Goryeo dynasty.

                Second, Wonsam, that wear by noble lady that has been married when Joseon dynasty for attended formal celebration. Its decided into several colours. Yellow is wear by Empress, red for Queen, Purple with Red for Princess and Princess of the cocubine and a girl from noble family use green.


                Third is Dongui, this hanbok wear by queen, princess or wife from a high government officials for big ceremony. Emperor use red dangui, purple for queen and other use green.

                Fourth, Myeonbok, is a religious ceremony clothing and formal clothing for king. There is Myeonru-gwan and Gujang-bok that symbolized the king.


                Fifth, Jeokui, same as king, a queen also have religious ceremony clothing. Empress wear jeokui with purple-red colour, queen wear pink and crown princess wear blue jeokui.


                Sixth is Changot, other hanbok that use in Joseon dynasty.

              Seventh, Hakjangui is a hanbok that wear by scholars in Goryeo-Joseon dynasty.

World of My BIAS

MY BIAS Part 1

                Every K-Pop Fans of coursely have a bias in a group besides they real fandom. I also have some bias in several group. Now... lets we meet with my bias maybe we have same bias thoo...

1.       Super Junior

                  Actually this my favorite K-Pop Idol. I’m a fans of Super Junior (SuJu). And the reality is I can’t choose one of them to be my bias because I love all of them, from the leader till maknae.  I love all of them. The reason why I love all of them not just because their visual but also their ability and skills. Super Junior is a complete group that has a members with variation of skills they have. Now lets meet my bias in Super Junior

                   First, the leader, Leeteuk. Born in Seoul, July  01, 1983. The reason why I love him of coursely because he is the best and great leader in Super Junior. Actually the dimples in his face that make me like him.

                   Then, Heechul. Born in Hoengseong-Gangwondo, July 10, 1983. Heechul oppa really cheerfull and I think he is a really care boy to the other members.


                 Yesung, Born in Cheonan, August 24, 1984. This men make me felt in love because his sweet, adorable, charm and beautiful voice. I don’t know how to describe Yesung’s great voice. It just to ..... beautiful. I love it and he is the first men that make me felt to K-Pop.

                Kangin, born in Seoul, January  17, 1985. Almost all of E.L.F said that Kangin is a father for Super Junior.


               Shindong, born in Gyeonggi, September  28 , 1985. This is the cutest boy from Super Junior. He can do everything and I love him so much....


                 Sungmin, born in Ilsan, January  01, 1986. Sungmin like pumpkin a lot. That way we called him pumpkin. Hehehehe

             Eunhyuk, born in Ilsan, April  04, 1986. This is the main leader of Super Junior. Our great dancer ever. Eunhyuk oppa has gummy smile and its really nice to see.


         Siwon, born in Gangnam, February 10, 1987. Siwon oppa has a handsome face and also dimples that make me like him.

      Donghae, Born in Mokpo, October  15, 1986. We called Donghae oppa ‘nemo’ because he like nemo so much. The best part of his body that I like is his smile.


      Ryeowook, born in Incheon, June  21, 1987. The Suju members that have same brithday as me..... the smallest members, eternal maknae (this is Ryeowook said).

      Kyuhyun, born in Nohwon, February  03, 1988. This is the evil maknae of Super Jnior. Kyuhyun oppa has beautiful voice and deep voice that really easy to listen.

      Henry, born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October  11, 1989. Cutest, talented and of coursely the dimples make me felt to him.

      Zhoumi, born in Wuhan, Hubei, China, April  19, 1986. What I like from Zhoumi is his sweet and bright voice.                    

2.       SHINee

                     In SHINee I have two bias. First is Key. Born in Daegu, September 23, 1991. Key is a multitalented idol. He can do everything and I love it so much.

          Second is Taemin, SHINee maknae, born in Seoul, July  18, 1993. I don’t know why I like him but what I know is I love the way Taemin dancing.

3.       EXO

         Kai, born in Seoul, January  14, 1994. He is a great dancer too in K-Pop.

       Baekhyun, born in Bucheon, May  06, 1992. I love Baekhyun voice. Baekhyun              sometimes look handsome but also cute at the same time.

                Suho, born in Seoul, May 22, 1991 . the reason why Iove Suho is his handsome face.
             Sehun, born in Seoul, Aprl 12, 1994. I don’t know to describe Sehun. He is just to perfect I think. I don’t know, I just like him much.

           Lay, Changsa, China, October  07, 1991. Lay look innocent and pure. The dimples also really beautiful.                 

4.       Bigbang
GD, born in Seoul , August 18, 1988. I like GD because he has a handsome and mature face.

  Taeyang, born in Gyeonggi, May  18, 1988. There is no other reason, I love Taeyang because his great voice.

  Seungri, born in Gwangju, December  12, 1990. Maknae of the group. Sometimes he can act like a fool person but also a handsome at the same time.

5.       2PM

  Jun.K, born in Daegu, January  15, 1988. Voice is the reason why I like Jun.K

  Nickhun, born in California, USA, June  24, 1988. Handsome and cute.


6.    MBLAQ

 Mir, born in Bukhamyeon, March  10, 1991. His great rapper and has a handsome face.

7.       Got7

     Mark, born in Los Angeles, USA, September  04 , 1993. I love Mark because his adorable and handsome face. He also a great dancer.


8.       BTS

    J-Hope, born in Gwangju, February 18, 1994. This is the first member that I like in BTS. J-Hope is cheerfull and really funny person. When  I watch BTS Show I just have to laugh with everything he do. Its just to funny. But I like him.


  Jin, born in Anyang, December  04, 1992. Jin make me like him because his handsome face.


   V, born in Daegu, December  31, 1995. He is too cute. Many of people said that he look like Baekhyun of EXO. V just too cute to me although he has deep voice but still he is cute.


   Jungkook, born in Busan, September  01, 1997. He is in the same line with me. We are 97’s Liners...... jungkook called as GoldMak “Golden Maknae” because he can do everything.


9.       Boyfriend

  Kwangmin, born in Anyang, April  24, 1995. What I like from Kwangmin is his beautiful sharp eyes.                       

10.   B.A.P

  Yongguk, born in Incheon, March  31, 1990. Yongguk has a deep voice, he is a great rapper.                                                   

   Youngjae, born in Seoul, January 24, 1994. I like Youngjae’s smile, eyes and nose. Hahahaha.

11.   U-KISS

    Kevin, born in Danville, USA, November 25, 1991. Kevin is handsome, cute, also has a dimples that make me like him.

12.   ZE:A

    Minwoo, born in Yangsan, September  06,  1990. Minwoo is cute and handsome to me.

   Kevin, born in Sdyney, Australia, February  23, 1988. Kevin is has a good body shape. He is tall and handsome.


13.   Seventeen

 S.Coup, born in Daegu, August  08, 1995. S.Coup is handsome, cute, he has gummy smile like Eunhyuk.


14.   Winner

   Seungyoon, born in Busan, January  21, 1994. He has a great and bright voice.